Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Southbound and Road Weary

Hello Angels!

I'm in central Oregon, probably three days from completing this epic ride.

Now that Henk has new rubber and a new drive belt, he's running like a dream. But I'm getting tired. Tired of crappy road food, tired of battling wind and rain, tired of crawling into my tent that's no longer waterproof to sleep, tired of wearing my helmet all day, tired of taking ten minutes to pee because of all the damn layers I have to peel off, tired of missing my kitty and tired of being homeless.

I can't imagine how Suzanne feels after five years without a proper home.

I'm hoping to stop in for a visit with her on my last night on the road. Also hoping the weather holds out a while longer. It's been beautiful and sunny since I hit southern BC, but Suzanne says the first cold rains of the season have already fallen in the redwoods east of Santa Cruz.

I'm getting anxious for her to get set up in a little studio somewhere warm where she can get cozy with her kitties for the winter and complete her book.

I've been doing the math while riding, and though I've had very positive response with pledges, I'm still looking for more!

Every time I need an angel on the road, there's one (or three) a breath away.

I'm trusting that Suzanne's will come through for her in the nick of time.

Please pass this on far and wide.

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