Friday, September 7, 2007

Inuvik, NWT

Hello Angels!

I'm over 7,000 kilometres from my starting point in Venice Beach, past the Arctic Circle by 2 degrees and a day's grueling ride on the bumpy, dusty Dempster Highway that seems to go forever into infinity, yet finally ends at Inuvik on the Mackenzie River Delta, Canada's largest fresh water delta close to the Arctic Ocean.

It's unbelievably beautiful up here. The fall colours are at their peak, and all the way up, we were presented with stunning vista after stunning vista of rolling river valleys, mountain backdrops, and a maze of clear blue lakes and streams in northern boreal forests. I'm in awe of planet earth.

The other night, my friend Kevin, with whom I'm doing this leg of the ride, called out from his tent to wake me. I opened the flap of mine to the arctic 2am sky at Eagle Plains and saw the spectacular dancing northern lights sweeping slowly, melodically, hypnotically across the top of the world.

While I've been up here taking in the magic of The Land of the Midnight Sun, Suzanne was swooped up and taken to San Francisco for the reunion of the Summer of Love.

I'm hoping she'll post a short note here of her experiences. Please stay tuned!

We've had further pledges for Suzanne from generous angels along the way. It's been uplifting for both of us. Thank you.

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dana said...

Moira! What a woman...thank you for taking me (us) on your journey with you...I'm definitely with you in spirit! Goddess Speed to you, my sister!


firehorse rider said...

Thank you for that, Kelly!

It's so nice to be bringing you along!!

firehorse rider said...
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