Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Road Trip comes to an end

Hello Angels!

I made it! A little road-weary and happy to be out of the saddle, but safe and filled with a new appreciation for warmth, comfort, a hot bath...

I arrived back in Venice on Saturday evening, six weeks after departure, exactly 13,654 kilometres or 8,484 miles from the starting point here in Venice on August 19.

I've burned through a set of tires, lost a drive belt, ridden in snow, fought wind and rain, narrowly escaped being turned into a leather and steel pancake, lost the legendary Outhouse Race in Dawson City, spent too much money on bike repairs, and loved every minute of the adventure.

I've encountered ANGELS along the way. Angels without whom I could not have completed this epic ride.

Angels like Jim Deitschman, who on day 2 went out of his way to ensure I had a working battery leaving Suzanne's camp in the redwoods.

Angels like Mark, Richard and John, who not only rescued me from the potential nightmare of breaking down on the Alaska Highway, but managed to solidify, triple-handedly, my belief in human goodness, and raise the standards of decency higher than I could possibly live up to.

Angels like 78-year-olds Ron and Betty Barnett in Fort St. John who made me feel so welcome when my rescue squad brought me along for dinner, then again the next day when the rescue squad broke down themselves, spent the better part of their day getting us all back on the road.

Angels like John and Gail Hendley, and Lee who three years running have welcomed me to Dawson City like a long lost friend and made me feel like I belong. And their angel sister, Dawn, who provided Henk with saddle bags and originally suggested I trudge all the way to Dawson.

Angels like Kevin, who had the Dempster portion all planned out with equipment, bikes, gas, inner tubes, food and Courvoisier, so all I had to do was show up.

Angels Ron and Leah, our partners, who supported us unconditionally.

Angel Johnny McPhee, who gave me the blessing of the Great Spirits in Williams Lake.

Angels hidden behind the eyes of bears who gave me calmness and courage when I needed it.

Unseen Angels who pulled the throttle down faster than I could ever think to and flew me swiftly out of harm's way when the driver of a red sports car in Santa Barbara changed lanes without looking and came within inches of Henk.

Angels who have made pledges of money to help Suzanne and her kitties into shelter.

Angels, family and friends, who have followed along in spirit and offered words of encouragement.

And Suzanne, herself a true Angel who's welcomed me into her private magical realms where a word of kindness is golden, a warm gesture, healing, and compassionate action...transformational.

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tony said...

I wish that there were words to describe the compassion and humanity that Moira has shown when others have failed to help. It restores one's faith in the human spirit to know that there are still people who have warmth in their heart towards those whom fate has treated unkindly. I have read how life has changed for you, Suzanne, but I also realise that your inner strength has sustained you in your difficulties. Despite all the setbacks you have had it seems to me that the goodness you have within you has inspired those with whom you come into contact, especially Moira, who has shown herself to be a true friend in adversity. I only wish that there was something I could do other than offer you my good wishes and thoughts. I am sure that, with your optimistic outlook on life, things will improve for you.

My warm feelings to both of you.